Real-life The Matrix extra Julian Assange lost his extradition appeal today, as Britain's highest court ruled that he can be extradited to Sweden to face allegations of rape and sexual assault. For the past year and a half Assange has been under house arrest fighting the European arrest warrant against him because it's "invalid" and also he really, really doesn't want to go to prison.

In the past, Anonymous hackers would now gnash their teeth and take down the website of the Swedish Board of Agriculture or something in protest, but they're so weakened after a spate of arrests, and Assange is such a non-figure these days that probably nothing will happen.

The Wikileaks founder does have one final, slim chance to escape Swedish justice: His lawyers were given two weeks to consider a bid to re-open the case, or to appeal to the European Court of Human Rights. Now is also Assange's final chance to board his escape pod and shoot into orbit. You know he's got one, somewhere.

[Reuters, Image via AP]