In an effort to promote his singing career, a pool attendant from Rio de Janeiro covered himself in a coat of green paint, and masqueraded around his favela as the Hulk. But when it came time to resume his human form, Paulo Henrique dos Santos was shocked to find that the paint would not wash off.

It seems the 35-year-old unwittingly used a type of industrial paint more commonly applied to ballistic missiles and nuclear subs.

Dos Santos says he spent hours in the bath scrubbing furiously to no avail. He began to grow increasingly concerned that he could suffer epidermal suffocation not unlike the characters dispatched by Goldfinger in the same-named Bond film.

He decided he would go see a doctor if the makeup didn't wear off after 24 hours, but, after dozens of baths, the paint finally receded.

That isn't to say that his anger has: Dos Santos plans to sue the store that sold him the green stuff, claiming they knew what it was being used for, and neglected to mention that it might not come off.

[photo via Shutterstock]