Justin Bieber kicked off his European promo tour Wednesday and, almost immediately, a state of emergency was threatened in Norway.

After it was announced that the god among men gods would be performing a free four-song show outside of the Oslo Opera House Wednesday evening, 15,000 of his fans overran the city, crippling its mobile network and rendering Oslo a Bieber Fever quarantine zone.

Billboard notes that a Norwegian police officer said 15 girls fainted at one point — in the original Norwegian article, it sounds like the faintings happened almost simultaneously. Authorities had to cut open a guardrail after a girl's foot became lodged in it. Everyone was standing so close to everyone. No one was listening to the police.

TMZ reported that, by the afternoon, authorities were "on the verge of declaring a state emergency" though that may just be a term TMZ throws around.

Emergency or no, a show cancellation was looming.

And that's when Justin Bieber took to Twitter to beg, with frantic cries and plaintive pleas, for his legions to obey.

It sort of worked. Police allowed the concert to proceed, though they demanded Bieber bump up the start time by thirty minutes so that the thing could just be over already.

The longest four songs of those Norwegian police officers' lives.

The shortest four songs of those 15,000 Norwegian girls' lives.

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