This track, Hudson Mohawke's beat-blessing take on "Virus," one of the best tracks from Björk's often inaccessible Biophilia album, has been around for a few weeks now. But I kind of hate the set-it-to-post-and-forget it-tomorrow cycle that so many songs go through on the Internet. Calling it a "cycle" seems wrong, even. There's rarely any building anymore, just a kind of plopping down and letting whomever is paying attention have at it. I understand blogging momentum and how the sheer quantity of released music makes for very brief relationships (believe me, I get that), but sometimes it's nice to hold onto something for a little while.

(I'm also talking about a remix that came out less than a month ago like it's "old," which I guess to some people, it is...which is the entire thing I'm lamenting.)

Anyway, this is gorgeous and, like many entries in the ongoing Biophilia Remix Series, an improvement on the original. This song about love's infectiousness (see: the metaphoric title) is at last infectious. Hudson Mohawke has a real flair for making shit sound regal (his remix of Jodeci's "Freek'n You" is essential listening and provides a similar lift to its source material), and here he treats Björk like the queen she is. He decodes and emphasizes her inherent pop factor, no app necessary.