Last time we heard from lite '90s crooner Brian McKnight, he dropped an X-rated slow jam for his conceived (still forthcoming, I hope) adult mixtape that proclaimed, "Let me show you how your pussy works / Betcha didn't know that it could squirt." Now, as so many men do, he's moved onto the butthole. In a song he wrote for user-generated smut site YouPorn, he seduces the masses with: "You wanna see some fucking anal? I can get you close enough to smell."

McKnight revising his career not just as a dirty-talker, but also a great facilitator. When someone wondered aloud to him on Twitter why he'd record a theme song for a porn site, McKnight answered, "bcuz they asked for it." Does that mean he's taking requests? If so, I would love to hear the soulful, straight-male perspective on rimming in 2012.

The clip is below via TMZ. It is, infuriatingly enough, censored. It's still hilarious and it's getting him more attention than he's received in years. Keep fuckin' 'em up, McKnight.

Brian McKnight's Latest Sex Jam: This Time It's Anal
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