As part of the Belgian Cancer Foundation's awareness campaign "Smarter in the Sun," five couples were whisked away to "a sunny destination" where they participated in a prank aimed at getting girls to wear sunscreen.

According to the bizarre PSA, "Belgian girls know their skin ages faster when they're out in the sun unprotected, yet they don't act like it."

For some reason, the Foundation felt that the best way to combat this was to convince their boyfriends to act all patriarchal and insist that they wear sunblock. How? By having the girlfriends switch with their moms in the middle of the night so that the boyfriends wake up beside sallow, middle-aged editions of their girlfriends and freak.

"Make sure your girlfriend protects herself against the sun," the PSA concludes, "or she'll start looking like her mom far too soon."

Yeah, but what if that's not necessarily a bad thing?