A charred SUV with five bodies burned beyond recognition was found in Arizona's Vekol Valley. The deaths are thought to be a result of drug cartel violence, though investigators could not immediately determine the ethnicities or genders of the victims.

The Vekol Valley is notorious for its use by smugglers heading from Mexico to Phoenix. The sheriff's office has notified the Mexican Consulate about the crime, despite the burned bodies' unclear origins.

The SUV was first spotted driving at 4:30 a.m., but authorities did not find it again until daybreak when it was discovered on fire, parked a few miles into the desert. They recovered five bodies inside — one seated in the back, and the other four in the cargo compartment. Investigators aren't sure if the victims were killed before or after the car was set on fire.

Pinal County Sheriff Paul Babeu is sure this is another instance of drug cartel-related violence.

Given all these indicators, you don't have to be a homicide detective to add up all this information.

These deaths follow high-speed chases, confiscated drugs, and other dumped murder victims in the Vekol Valley.

[Image via AP]