We already have pet therapy, pet psychics, and pet yoga, but if you're really jonesin' for a cause that all of your friends can make fun of you for, look no further: raw food for dogs is gaining momentum.

Unfortunately for dogs (and lots of other animals) we've been treating them with the same loving care as we treat ourselves, which is to say: they are now fat, sick, and tired. Marie Moody, who is founder and owner of Stella and Chewy's (a raw pet food company) says her customers are full of tales, "about how this diet has changed their pet's life." Similarly life-changing for Moody et al.: The niche industry raked in $100 million last year. Moody says the diet is helping animals "that used to have allergies or other issues, pets that wouldn't eat, pets that were overweight—it really has impacted both the longevity and the quality of life."

Glorious man, always creating things in his own image.

The Times also interviewed California actress Sharon Misik (the stand-in spiritual bookstore employee must have been unavailable) about her new-age pet food experience. For $250 dollars a month, Misik feeds her rescued Siberian huskies the best of the best: freeze-dried raw dog chow. Sharon and her husband started their dogs on the good stuff as an attempt "to treat a mysterious illness that plagued their dogs, which had trouble eating and severe diarrhea and seemed perpetually sick." She says switching to raw food improved their health immediately.

But what does it all mean? Well for one, Sharon does have really nice lookin' dogs—but they're huskies, and everyone knows that huskies are already the supermodels of the dog world. Number two, while commercial dog food is generally horrible and shares all the same flaws as our own busted food system, is $250 a month really the only way to keep your dog from chewing on the nutritional equivalent of cardboard?

Definitely not, don't be an idiot.

[via NYT; image via Shutterstock]