Is Miley Cyrus poking fun at her wrist-cutting rumors?

Back in April, gossip bloggers suggested the singer might be walking around with cut marks on her arms — a claim that proved to be entirely bogus.

But in an apparent response to the rumors, Cyrus yesterday appeared in an Instagram photo snapped by a pal in which the starlet seems to be holding a razor blade up to a thin red line around her wrist.

So is Miley cutting or what?

"It's just a freaking bracelet picture," the friend told HollywoodLife. " It's a handcuff bracelet and she's just showing it off, that's all. Like really, she's not cutting herself."

Like, okay. But who shows off a bracelet with a razor blade over the sink?

[H/T: The Superficial, photo via @chucksvintage]