While chasing down Benicio del Toro in Hollywood to ask him an inane question, a TMZ reporter inadvertently captured footage of one of the rarest sights in the world of entertainment: Notoriously camera-shy director Terrence Malick.

The Days of Heaven director, who is well-known for having precisely one publicity photo, regularly shuns award ceremonies and media interviews, and is rarely spotted in the wild.

Malick was walking alongside Del Toro when the TMZ pap pounced, but the latter failed to realize who the actor's companion was, so completely missed his chance to ask the reclusive auteur an inane question.

Though the reporter obviously had no idea who Malick was, the filmmaker still tried desperately to evade the shot, and his awkward attempts — coupled with Del Toro's amused smirk — make for some humorous moments.

After Vulture pointed out TMZ's missed opportunity, the venerable online rag posted a mea culpa admitting their blunder.

Not surprisingly, their readers didn't seem to care either way: "He kinda looks like Wes Craven."

TMZ Accidentally Runs Into Reclusive Auteur Terrence Malick; Has No Idea Who He Is
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