Talk show host Jimmy Kimmel has a well-established penchant for playing mean pranks on kids — usually by proxy. There was the infamous Halloween treat trick, the notorious Nasty Christmas gag, and the hilariously underhanded "Waking Kids Up for School in Summer."

But the childish prank Kimmel introduced last night might be his most traumatizing yet.

In a segment entitled "Lie Detective #1" (suggesting there are more to come), Kimmel, with a little help from the "Truth Fairy," straps a young boy named Blake to a "lie detector" that lights up whenever a fib is told.

When Blake is asked if he likes school, for instance, the first-grader responds positively and the machine starts to buzz. Kimmel then repeats the question, and the kid, made sheepish by the bells and whistles, immediately reverses course.

This happens several more times, with Blake becoming increasingly concerned that he might be forced to reveal something the will get him in trouble later.

A person claiming to be Blake's mom left a comment on YouTube saying her son "had the time of his life," adding that "no one needs to worry about Blake as he had the best time with Jimmy."

No word on whether she asked Jimmy if she could borrow the lie detector to find out what really happened to Mr. Whiskers, the family iguana.

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