Mystifying careerist Taylor Kitsch said that filming sex scenes with his Savages co-star Blake Lively was "very awkward" because he didn't really know her at all, and that "he was just glad it was over with to be honest."

This is like that time Reese Witherspoon said kissing Robert Pattinson (for their movie Water For Elephants) was disgusting. We wish stars would just keep comments like these to themselves and stop ruining that special brand of horny movie magic that makes the cinematic experience what it is.

Said Kitsch:

A lot of sexual improv was going on there...God knows we had two weeks of rehearsal ...and then [we shot the sex scenes] on the day I think I knew Blake three days...four days maybe.

Maybe Blake is the kind of lady who sneaks out of bed in the morning to reapply her face paint. She should be herself.

[Page Six, images via Getty]