Skeezeball leakmeister Julian Assange has squirreled himself away at the Ecuadorian embassy in London to avoid deportation to Sweden to face sex crimes allegations. According to a tweet by Wikileaks, he's now seeking "political asylum." ENORMOUS SIGH.

Less than a week ago, Britain's Supreme Court struck down the Wikileaks founder's last-ditch effort to appeal his extradition, and he was set to be deported within days after successfully stalling for a year-and-a-half. But, nothing can happen in Julian Assange's world without the absolute maximum amount of drama, so now he's hiding out at the Ecuador Embassy in London, with its all-female staff. (We smell a sit-com.)

Presumably he will now make his case why allegedly "using his body weight" to hold down an unwilling sex partner and having unprotected sex with another woman when she was asleep constitutes grounds for political asylum.

Ecuador's foreign minister says it's "weighing the request," according to the AP. And it might actually happen, as Ecuador offered Assange residency in Novemeber of 2010. Since then, Ecuadorian president Rafael Correa appeared on Assange's talk show; maybe he reiterated the offer?

More details to come.

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