Hosni Mubarak, the former Egyptian dictator who was ousted from office in February of last year, has reportedly possibly died at the possible age of 84. Mubarak was (is?) currently serving life imprisonment for the premeditated murders of peaceful protesters during Egypt's 2011 revolution.

We're using vague language here because everyone else is, too: Reuters broke the news that he is "clinically" dead, which is, somehow, different from "dead"; the AP now reports that his heart stopped beating and he is "not responding to defibrillation"; the Washington Post says that his lawyer maintains the former dictator's not-dead-ness.

We will update once he is officially declared dead. (Or alive. He could still be alive.)

UPDATE #1: Reuters has a live video stream of Tahrir Square, where people are celebrating, or at least preparing to celebrate. The agency has also learned, via "TWO SECURITY SOURCES," that Mubarak is "UNCONSCIOUS AND ON RESPIRATOR, NOT CLINICALLY DEAD." Urgent capital letters theirs.

UPDATE #2: The latest reports suggest that Mubarak had a stroke and is now on life support but is still "close to death," which is different from being "clinically dead," but still is not "totally dead." We can only infer that this all means Mubarak is still "alive."

Photo via AP.