A 59-year-old woman from Bonita Springs, Florida, was arrested at Southwest Florida International Airport and charged with misdemeanor battery for allegedly groping a TSA supervisor.

Carol Price says she was merely attempting to demonstrate the inappropriate groping she experienced at the hands of another Transportation Security Officer. "She did not touch the supervisor as intrusively as she was touched," said John Mills, Price's attorney.

Price, who was selected to undergo additional screening, claims the agent administering the screening touched her breasts and crotch area using their open hands. Agents are required to use the back of their hands when conducting pat downs.

Seeking to complain, Price sought out the supervisor and demonstrated the maneuver by "grabb[ing] the leg of the agent and the crotch area as she claimed had happened to her."

Miller says Price, who is a former TSA agent, believes the groping was personal. "She's obviously been through training and knew this lady," he said.

The TSA, meanwhile, stands by its agents. "The pat down was conducted correctly in accordance with our procedures," the agency said in a statement. "Violence against our officers, who work every day to keep the traveling public safe, is unacceptable."

Price has pleaded not guilty and will face a jury in July.