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Last night, Lifetime premiered its Bristol Palin: Life's a Tripp, a bad, boring reality show about a bad, boring person. "Hi, I'm Bristol Palin. I'm a 21-year-old single mom from Wasilla, Alaska. My son Tripp is the love of my life," was how she introduced herself, as though that would turn us all into Andy Cohens and watch what happens. When she said that her son Tripp gives her life "purpose and direction," my balls retracted.

The clip above is the aftermath of that TMZ-level infamous fight she had at the Saddle Ranch with a righteously enraged but horribly inarticulate gay man who called Sarah Palin a whore and the devil but then couldn't provide a single piece of evidence to support it. That kind of shit isn't worth the spit, and yet it broke Bristol down. I don't get this. If your mother isn't a whore, why is it so sad when someone calls her one? I understand bristling at rudeness and indignity, but she seems disproportionately affected. Chalk it up to the persecution complex.

What's telling is how she relates this story to her bestie by saying, "He only hates her because she doesn't believe in gay marriage," like that's so ridiculous and what doesn't he understand about other people's right to keep him a second-class citizen. Bristol Palin is such an asshole. We knew that and not even a television production that's presumably in her service can obscure it.