Twitter has been acting up all day. It went down for more than an hour at around 11am, came up, but is out now as I write this. (Update: Now it's back up, and Twitter says it was a "cascade bug") This is bad. If you are anything like us at Gawker, more than five minutes without a firehose of bullshit dousing your brain leaves an unsettling silence, filled only by the distant wooshing sound of inevitable death.

Forget Twitter. Twitter's a burning ruin. Twitter's an F-16 and with a sidewinder missile inches from its tail. Eject. We must build a new world of endless chatter here, in the comments of this post. Salvage what you can from the timeline you left behind: Bring your links to "smart takes" on nano-news stories that nobody will remember after the next hour. Bring your mildly amusing one-liners about reality stars. Is there a basketball game on? Talk about it here. If you don't give a shit about sports, you can talk about that, too. As on Twitter, all thoughts and information, no matter how trivial or wrong, are welcome here.

Just nobody tell the Beliebers.

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