While schools in the US are working hard to keep kids from killing themselves, at least one British school is taking a widely divergent approach by asking students to pretend they are dying and pen "farewell letters" to loved ones.

The Discovery Academy in Staffordshire was forced to apologize this week after a mother mistook one of these letters for a suicide note.

"He handed it to me one evening and then just went upstairs to bed," said Vicki Walker, mother of 14-year-old Wesley. ""I really felt like I was going to find him hanging from his bed and maybe he felt he couldn't take any more."

The letter read in part: "I am writing this letter to say goodbye and thank you for giving me life and don't cry I don't want you to be sad I want you to remember the fun times and the happy times."

Wesley himself saw nothing wrong with the creative writing exercise, calling it "normal."

"It was never the intention of the exercise to cause distress," said Academy headteacher Rob Ridout. "In fact it was the total opposite of that. We apologise for what happened."

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