The New York Times guesses that it's only matter of time before the Girls tour is upon us, writing that the stage has been set "for a Sex and the City-style tour by compiling online maps of the actual bars, boutiques, street corners and apartments where the show takes place."

Fans, bloggers, and blogger fans alike have been keeping tabs on the adventures—or misadventures!—of the girls, even adding their own Google map pins to recognizable spots.

So touring ladies of the east, pass that aging Magnolia cupcake off to your grandmother and upgrade to New Manhattan aka Brooklyn as we fondly refer to it.* Such glimmering sights include that weird bridge where Jessa spit on a Crusty Punk or the shower in which Adam pees on Hannah.

Sounds fun. Someone get John Cook a reservation.

*No one refers to it that way, lovingly or otherwise.