Driving a cherry red convertible doesn't just put you at a higher risk for tickets — you're also more likely to be shit on by birds, according to a new British study.

Well, the study actually calls the most bird poop-friendly color "crimson." But either way.

Researchers checked cars in five different U.K. cities, and determined that red cars were the most likely to be hit with bird droppings: 18 percent of them were marked. Blue and black were in second and third place, with a respective 14 and 11 percent. Green cars are apparently a total turn-off — only one percent were shit on.

There's very little explanation for what does seem to be a significant bias. The original article makes one suggestion on behalf of the drivers interviewed.

Although there is no science to back the theory, some drivers believe birds target red cars because they see the colour as signifying danger and attack.

But that's just speculation. The article goes on to say the amount of bird crap on your car is more proportional to where you park anyway. Which explains ... nothing.

With only 1,100 cars inspected and no real conclusions drawn, this study is more of a novelty than a way to live one's life. But hey, if you're deciding between red and green, and you need something to push you one way or the other, perhaps consider the likelihood that your car will attract bird poop.

On the other hand, who wants to drive a green car?

[Image via Shutterstock]