Yesterday afternoon, at the Van Siclen Avenue train stop in Brooklyn, a mother, momentarily distracted, turned away from her baby's stroller; just then, a "sudden gust of wind" blew the stroller and its nine month-old passenger onto the train tracks below. A train was coming! Someone... anyone... please!

That's when [Delroy] Simmonds jumped down, scooped up the boy who was still in the stroller as a train headed straight towards them... "The train was seconds away. The driver was honking the horn and then stopped seconds before it got to them"

Delroy Simmonds, currently unemployed, was on his way to a job interview. He missed it. Kindly New Yorkers, will someone please reward Subway Hero Delroy Simmonds with a job? He certainly ranks among the very best of our Subway Heroes.

[NYP. Photo: Paul Lowry/ Flickr]