You probably know that CNN completely and utterly blew it today, in the most embarrassing way possible, by reporting not "what happened" but, actually, the exact opposite. But did you know that it's all the fault of a super-hot news-babe? BuzzFeed's Michael Hastings explains in his piece about how stupid everyone at CNN is feeling:

Bolduan, a 2005 graduate of George Washington University who previously worked for a local news station in North Carolina, was named the network's congressional correspondent last year.

The 29-year-old was also named one of Washington's 50 Most Beautiful people in 2011 by The Hill.

She could correspond about my congress anytime, am I right? She could, uh, congress, my "correspondence," anytime, if you catch my drift. We could engage in correspondence, right? With each other. Anytime! Look, I'm winking. I'm winking at you.

(Oh, and, uh, also, this guy Bill Mears? He was the producer who was inside the courtroom and told Bolduan that the individual mandate had been declared unconstitutional. So, he also ruined CNN. But... he's not hot. No offense, Bill.)