Now that awkward weirdo Ann Curry has bid an uncomfortable, tear-stained farewell her Today viewers, we're one step closer to learning about the succession plans for America's Only Morning 'News' Show That Was Co-Founded by a Monkey. One possible side effect of the shake-up underway: We hear MSNBC's Willie Geist, whose current gig involves pointing out Joe Scarborough's lies in real time, may end up in Natalie Morales' chair as the show's newsreader.

All signs currently point to Savannah Guthrie as Curry's replacement, a prospect that has Morales ready to depart in a huff—this would be the second time she's been passed over for the top slot at the show. Geist, who has subbed on the show both as a newsreader and co-host, is slated to take Morales' place. Supposedly!

An NBC News spokeswoman says "not true—Natalie is firmly in place as the Today news anchor." But she would say that.

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