Above is a video of awesomely-named Colombian drug dealer Fritanga, or Fry-Up, (nee Camilo Torres) being arrested at his Caribbean wedding on Sunday. The wedding, which cost Fry-Up an estimated $1.41 million, was set to last a full week and featured various Colombian entertainers (including the appropriately named band, Los Mortal Combat) and soap opera stars, all of whom were forced to lie facedown on the ground as the arrest was made. Fry-up's model wife, whom he'd just married minutes before, was in tears as they lead her new husband away.

As amazing and ridiculous as all that sounds, it gets even more exciting. It turns out that not only was Fry-Up an essential part of the Urabenos gang, the dominant cartel in northern Colombia, but he was also legally dead, according to his death certificate, which said he died in December 2010 of natural causes.

Ever the jokester, Fry-Up, whose gang recently offered rewards for the killing of Colombian police, made light of the situation as he was shown his ID after his arrest, telling officers he had trouble recognizing himself since it'd been so long since he'd used it.