27-year-old model-slash-actress Yolanda Pecoraro is reportedly being considered by the Church of Scientology as a potential mate for Tom Cruise in the wake of his split from third wife Katie Holmes.

Scientology expert Margery Wakefield tells the National Enquirer that "Tom's next marriage will be inside the church," which makes Pecoraro, a devout Scientologist, the perfect match.

A "Scientology princess" according to a former church member, Pecoraro began attending Scientology courses at age 13 and is the daughter of true believers. According to Andrew Morton's Tom Cruise: An Unauthorized Biography, Cruise met Pecoraro at a 2004 Scientology center opening in Spain and "fell head over heels for her."

The two may have even dated briefly that same year, and Cruise is reported to have paid for Pecoraro to study at the Celebrity Centre in Hollywood.

"Yes, I knew and still know Tom Cruise. And no, I'm not married or engaged," the Silver Lake native, who has a live-in Scientologist boyfriend, told the Enquirer.

A source says Pecoraro's current relationship status may not present much of a problem for the Church, should they decide to set the two up.

"With the embarrassment his divorce has caused the church, they want to stabilize the situation quickly," the insider said. "They also want to show that Tom has rebounded fast and that his new wife is beautiful and steeped in Scientology."

[H/T: The Blemish, screengrab via Yolanda Pecoraro]