"Keep your life in a positive perspective. We are not defined by our pasts," socialite Kim Kardashian told her 15 million Twitter followers yesterday.

The irony of her generic platitude proved too much for Brandy's kid bro Ray J, who retweeted the bromide and added an "LOL." The joke being that many believe it was a sex tape Kardashian recorded with Ray J in 2003 that propelled her into the limelight which continues to shine on her to this day.

But Ray J told Power 106 this morning that his LOL, which itself has been retweeted thousands of times, is being taken out of context. Rather than "laughing out loud," the singer actually meant "lots of love."

"I felt like it was real, what [Kardashian tweeted]," Ray J told the radio station. "I kinda laughed about it, 'cause it was 100." He went on to wish Kim and her new beau Kanye "the best," before adding, somewhat cryptically, "life is a roller-coaster, so you never know what's gonna happen."

MTV notes that this may have been another swipe at Kim K in reference to her recent visit to Six Flags with Yeezy. "I don't want people to take [this] any kind of way, I'm just havin' fun," he insisted.

Despite his claim that he is happy for his former flame, Ray J raised some eyebrows no long ago when he stated on his DVD Love, Sex and Hip-Hop that he was personally responsible for Kim's "creation." "I will put it like this, I don't hang with stars, I create stars," he said. "Kim was created."