Karaoke is one of those things that you either love or hate. Fifty-year old William Carr Oller Jr, of Shingletown, California, loves it. Seventy-year old William Henry Oller Sr, of Sacramento, California, and William Carr Oller Jr's father, hates it. Oller Jr loves Karaoke so much that he wouldn't stop singing a country song when his father asked him to. So Oller Sr shot Oller Jr in the arm, allegedly.

Now Oller Sr is facing charges of attempted murder and assault.

The details are a little sketchy but here's what we know. It (probably) all started on an otherwise quiet California night. Oller Sr was in town visiting his son. Oller Jr was singing a country song in his home (on an at-home karaoke machine? If so, well played, Oller Jr). Oller Sr asked Oller Jr to stop. Oller Jr was probably like, "No way, dad, this song rules," or something to that effect. Then, according to The Record Searchlight, Oller Sr said, "I'm going to shut you up."

I'll let The Record Searchlight take it from here:

He then went to his pickup, grabbed a semi-automatic pistol and pointed it at his approaching son who had gone outside to talk to him, the report said.

The younger Oller retreated back into the residence and locked his door but later opened it after he believed his father had left the front porch.

A scuffle ensued. It's unclear what exactly happened next, but both parties ended up shot – Jr in the arm, and Sr in the leg. Oller Sr's attorney claims there's no evidence that the shooting was intentional but Oller Sr's statement to police seems to contradict that: "He hit me and I shot the shit out of him," Sr said, according to the report.

Emily Mees, the prosecutor agrees with Oller Sr's initial statement and says Oller Sr shot at Oller Jr three or four times as the two fought. "The victim could have easily died," said Mees.

Jr seems to have forgiven Sr, though, and said he hopes the DA doesn't prosecute. "I wish him the best," he added.

But what song set the whole skirmish off? At first no one knew. "Maybe it will come out in trial," Aaron Williams, Oller Sr's attorney told the Record Searchlight. But now the Huffington Post is reporting that it was a Kenny Chesney song that started it. So maybe Oller Sr wasn't in the wrong, after all?

[photo via Shasta County Sheriff's Department]