In today's America! news, Houston resident Thelma Taormina chased off her local electric maintenance guy with a gun because he was attempting to install a fancy new electric meter called a Smart Meter. This new meter thing supposedly keeps track of power usage digitally and then wirelessly transmits the information to the electric company instead of them having to send someone out to read the meter. What an amazing, time saving device, right? What will they think of next?

Well, Mrs. Taormina isn't about to find out. When she saw the CenterPoint Energy employee, she grabbed her gun.

"He just kept pushing me away," the 55-year-old Taormina, who is licensed to carry a weapon, said. "He saw (the gun), and went back the other way."

I bet he did. Naturally, Taormina sees the whole incident as just one more way people are trying to tread on her constitutional rights.

"Our constitution allows us not to have that kind of intrusion on our personal privacy," she said. "They'll be able to tell if you are running your computer, air conditioner, whatever it is."

Whatever it is? What are you trying to hide, lady? I'm not saying it's a refrigerated sex dungeon, but I'm not not saying that either. You never know. Also, how would they know which appliance you were using?

Anyway, Taormina is so mad about these new energy meters that she started a cute little neighborhood club hilariously called, "We the People," which is asking for hearings about the placement of the new meters. "We the People" joins a long list of other seemingly crazy anti-Smart Meter campaigns. (Glenn Beck's The Blaze says they lead to "DNA breakdown," which tells us all we need to know, really).

As for CenterPoint Energy, they're not too happy either:

"We are deeply troubled by anyone who would pull a gun on another person performing their job," a CenterPoint spokesperson said. "CenterPoint will be taking additional steps – including court actions – because what happened is dangerous, illegal and unwarranted."

But what about Taormina's probably long suffering husband? How does he feel about this whole incident? Well, someone finally got around to asking him.

"I am very upset with it," her husband said.

My sympathies, brother.

[Via New York Daily News: photo via AP]