Antoine Dodson of "Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Wife" fame has stoked the ire of some by expressing a blase attitude toward Chick-fil-A's marriage equality opposition, in stark contrast with nearly everyone else.

"A lot of people from the gay community have been coming to me and telling me that I shouldn't eat from Chick-fil-A, and I'm thinking like, 'Oh my God, that's so crazy. Why?'" Dodson, who is openly gay, says in a video posted to his YouTube account yesterday.

He goes on to say that he has been made aware of Chick-fil-A president and COO Dan Cathy's recent statements concerning same-sex marriage, but says he doesn't care.

"Chick-fil-A makes good meals, and I eat there quite frequently," Dodson tells his 100,000-plus subscribers. "No one is going to stop me from eating there. If I'm going to have a Chick-fil-A sandwich, I'm going to have a Chick-fil-A sandwich."

After receiving a decent amount of flak for his comments, Dodson released a second video clarifying his opinion.

"I did not know this subject was heartfelt for so many people because they have beliefs," Dodson insists before urging viewers to "follow your beliefs." Still, he claims the matter does affect him personally because "I have rights and I'm gay."

He continues: "If I want to get married in the U.S., there are plenty of states I can get married in. I like to travel anyway."

With regards to Cathy and his "beliefs," Dodson says people should look beyond one man to the employees behind him who stand to be negatively affected by a boycott.

"Those people work really hard and they have families and stuff and they need to keep their jobs," he says. "I'm not supporting the head man in charge, I'm supporting them hard workers in the kitchen."

[H/T: The Daily Dot]