Not to be a gloomy Gus about the molasses-like rate at which our shattered global economy is pulling itself out of a deep dark depression hole, but the news today is not stunningly good. The U.S. economy is growing by a mere 1.5% in the past quarter. How would you describe that, media? "Tepid," "Slow," "strangled," and "Dismal." Thank you, media.

Elsewhere, 25% of Spaniards are unemployed, Facebook's stock is a disaster, Barclays is being eaten by corruption, Comair is out of business, and Germany, the world's only financially responsible country, is not doing so well itself.

But you know what we've still got? The American spirit. With that and a handgun, I bet we can rob some Scandinavians.

[Photo: Toga Wanderings/ Flickr]