For a lot of people, last night's derecho was not muy malo. In New York City, it didn't seem all that different from a regular thunderstorm, except that people on Twitter were way more excited about it.

But not everyone employed the Power of Social Media to lay bare their soul's most primal fears of getting rained on.

A bunch of people were too busy having sex.

A survey conducted by Trojan condoms found that 7 in 10 Americans have had sex in extreme weather "ranging from a thunderstorm to a tornado," which suggests the Northeast was bumpin' last night.

Weirdly, while 83 percent of the 1000 freak-a-leaks surveyed rated rain as "the best weather condition for sexual intercourse," only 80 percent of people reported that they had had sex during a rainstorm.

This means that thirty people are just assuming rain is the best weather condition for sexual intercourse, without ever having tested that hypothesis.

4 in 10 Americans said that they'd had sex outside on a rainy day, including 36% of respondents from Minneapolis, which sounds like a cold place to have sex outside in the rain.

So: What did you do during last night's storm?

I ate a cheesesteak.

You probably had sex.

[Trojan via CBS Miami // Image via Shutterstock]