In honor of NYC surviving last night's derecho, we've rounded up the best hate mail from this week for your reading pleasure. Those who chimed in want us to know we've got a lot to learn about sports, conspiracy theories, acceptable first names, and, most importantly, shrews.

Meet Gawker's Newest Troll

Subject: p u s s y

Yep, I said it. You are a wimp is the most extreme way. You are also a socialist, a democrat, a progessive and are young enough to fall in that wonderful 2nd gen gap that was never taught correctly. Your public school education allowed you to never have a contest against someone else, never have homework and multiple attempts to pass a test. You hide behind your computer screen because there are no sports which you can actually understand or play. You get that little kick of bravery and power from posting your opinions on a web site and feeling like a big man. That is all you are, but let me inform you of something else. The day will come when you are sitting or standing with other people and one of them puts you down and the gene pool will be better for it. Until then I will spend a few months trashing your name and writing soem juicy articles about your lack of skill and maybe even how you hope to be a writer someday. Poof, the automatic script is already running.

Suck it punk, you already are doing it.

Gawker: Enabler of Crazy

Why are you even giving time to nut jobs like the ones showcased in your story? While this certainly is a topic that is open to interpretation, meaning the motivation behind the attack, there is of course a limit which must be placed upon what is an acceptable theory. The standard of what is acceptable of course meaning what is actually rational and realistic relating to the factors involved. When you violate such standards by accepting these crazy theories and allow them to be published, you are in fact validating them to a great extent. That may not be your intention, but you are in fact doing it. Likewise you are are also helping to spread such ignorance around.

The case of Ursula and Sabina Eriksson comes to mind. Twin sisters that both suffered from temporary insanity after one afflicted sibling came into contact with the other and in turn infected the other. Such is the case with these conspiracy theories when people who are susceptible to such ignorance have these conspiracy theories exposed to them. They can not only easily believe them, but then as the insanity spreads around it becomes more normal and thus self-justifying through Mob Mentality. I.e. if everyone believes it, it must be true. Just look at the Urban Legends involving celebrities such as Jamie Lee Curtis and Richard Gere, or even as far back as Roscoe "Fatty" Arbuckle. Look at other theories such as how there are bodies of workers still stuck inside of Hoover Dam…the list just goes on. When you publish articles such as this, all you are is simply an enabler of the crazy themselves. Sometimes when tragedies such as this occur, it is because some ignorant story was spread around that triggered fear in the perpetrator. How would you feel if your writing helped fuel another tragic event, or misguided movement that hinders progress like the scores of uninformed members of the Tea Party?

Now sure you can say that you're trying to fuel the debate here and that such debates are directly linked to the right of Free Speech and the flow of information. The problem though is that this isn not any flow of information, nor does this benefit society. How many race riots of the 1960's were fueled by rumors of crimes that never existed? Just like those examples, so does your article cause more harm than good. The idea behind Free Speech is of course to help share information and foster new ideas. Conspiracy theories and the ramblings of the ignorant and mentally ill however are NOT actual information, and they in no way benefit society.

As someone else said, please stop glorifying these people. You're just becoming a huge part of the problem.

Who The Fuck Replaces All Punctuation With Excessive Spacing?

who the fuck names their kid Hamilton?

Get you facts straight you journalistic hack The guy bought the guns at a brick and morter store not online he bought the ammo on line not the guns Stop reporting disinformation and anti gun propaganda

How to Spin a Shrew Comparison

Dear Rich,

Greetings from PETA! I've been a fan of your writing for years, so it was a pleasure to read your passionate post against keeping orcas in captivity. We couldn't have said it better ourselves-SeaWorld's confining orcas to small tanks in its theme parks is nothing short of egregious cruelty to animals.

Thank you so much for speaking up for animals. If there's ever any way that we can be of assistance, please don't hesitate to contact us. We'd love to hear from you anytime.

Best regards,

Amanda Schinke

P.S. For the record, shrews have enormous brains and excellent senses of smell and hearing, and some species can even use echolocation-so we'll take the comparison as a compliment!