Even with a 60 percent drop, The Dark Knight Rises grossed $64.1 million its second weekend.

That puts it at $289.1 million, which — combined with $248.2 million overseas — has it on track to earn between $900 million and $1 billion worldwide.

But it still hasn't earned as much as The Dark Knight or The Avengers had by this point, so, you know, total failure.

No, the real failures this weekend are the new releases. While Ice Age Continental Drift, now in its third weekend, earned $13.3 million, The Watch couldn't match that and grossed just $13 million That's a pretty dreadful opening weekend for a movie that cost $68 million to make.

Step Up Revolution disappointed, too. I know, you're shocked. But Step Up is actually a very successful franchise, and this latest installment represents the weakest debut yet. It earned $11.8 million and cost $33 million to make.

Low box-office numbers could be attributed to people staying home and watching The Olympics. Also the fact that audiences don't want to pay $15 to see something terrible.

[Image via AP/Warner Bros.]