Originally posted on Twitter by Andrew Haydon under the caption "This is the Best Album Review You Will Ever Read," music journalist Chris HavercroftChloe Papas's biting review of Chris Brown's latest studio album, Fortune, has struck a chord with many who feel the singer's violent past has been too swiftly forgiven.

HavercroftPapas comes out swinging: "Chris Brown has released his fifth studio album — a 19-track repugnant record that we can only hope will be his last."

HeShe goes after individual tracks: "Turn Up the Music" is "generic, overly auto-tuned, commercialised R&B"; "Till I Die" is "a catastrophic misogynistic shit of a song."

After dismissing the rest of the album as a "skitzy" ode to unprotected sex and partying, HavercroftPapas gets down to brass tacks:

Regardless of whether Chris Brown has any musical talent (he doesn't) or whether this album is any good (it isn't), the man recently brutally assaulted a woman, and is still regularly invited back to award shows and worshipped by 'Breezy' fans worldwide. Which is, frankly, disgusting. And for those of you out there saying you need to separate the music and the man: screw you, don't encourage his actions. Final words: don't buy this album.

And, if all that hasn't made his objection to Brown's music career abundantly clear, Havercroft Papas sums up his review: "No stars ever."

[H/T: Reddit]