Yesterday, we ran a post devoted to trashing the online wedding announcement of Jessica Hische and Russ Maschmeyer, two well-respected graphic designers with shitloads of friends and fans who all defended them and praised the announcement for its advanced doohickeys and blinkity-blinks. Drew Magary, who authored the post, was impressed with how gracefully Jessica handled his evisceration and suggested we extend an opportunity for her to counterpoint. She declined, but did say we can publish her email response instead:

Hey AJ,
Thanks very much for the offer to counter Drew's words, but I think I'll have to respectfully decline. There are of course points that I disagree with, and certainly some of the commenters went off on a bit of a tangent (as they always do) but everyone is entitled to their opinion. Genuine expressions of happiness intended for an audience of friends and family can occasionally find their way in front of the eyes of people that don't appreciate such things. The only point that I really took issue with was the hatred / judginess of charity registries, and do hope that one of your writers at one point or another does a piece about how quick we can all be to judge people trying in whatever way they can to make a difference (I have definitely been guilty of such judginess in the past) but ultimately we should appreciate that folks are out there at least trying.

All the best,


So there. Now go out and save a human, hug a whale, swim in a charity water well or any other altruistic mission of your choice. Or just say you tried.