A pre-packaged sandwich served to a passenger on an Air Canada flight en route from Victoria to Toronto was found to contain a sewing needle not unlike the ones previously discovered aboard Delta planes.

The airline would not disclose the name of the catering company that serviced the flight, but said it was working to "ensure heightened security measures have been put in place."

Sewing needles were recently found inside at least four sandwiches on Delta flights departing out of Amsterdam. At least one passenger bound for Minneapolis was injured and the FBI has launched a criminal investigation.

Gate Gourmet, which prepared the tainted sandwiches, has yet to provide an explanation for the needles but said it has enhanced its food safety procedures as a result. Concerning the latest incident, a Gate Gourmet spokeswoman said that, while the company is employed by Air Canada, it does not provide food for flights out of Victoria.

[photo via AP]