Those involved in the making of this had to be aware of how cathartic it would be for the haters to see Michael Madsen annihilate Justin Bieber, right? The video for the dubbabystep "As Long as You Love Me" is a gift.

Equally hilarious is the acting from Bieber that opens the video. Like Zac Efron in The Lucky One, he's given no more than a sentence to say at a time. The longest one is four words long:

"I love her."

"You don't know us."

"What would you do?"

There is something very reminiscent of Paula Abdul's 1991 "Rush Rush" video here — Bieber's performance is similar to the barely animated, gorgeously sculpted pile of putty that is Keanu Reeves.

The album from which "As Long as You Love Me" originates, Believe, received decent reviews when it was released in June. I think it's pretty overrated even as crappy pop (although not lacking in highlights). For as much as Beiber talks about swag, his own undoes any inroads to credibility he makes on the album. This (and every other video of his) looks like one big drag show (of kings not queens...I think). The kid barely looks like he knows how to exist. Try harder, Swaggy Doo.