Shame on you, people who value human rights over fried chicken sandwiches. Fox Nation wants you to know you're the real bullies here.

In honor of yesterday's nauseating Chick-fil-A Appreciation Day, internet cesspool Fox Nation published Todd Starnes' caps-heavy screed, in which he urged God-fearing Americans to "stand up to anti-Christian, anti-chicken, heterophobic bigots."

"Heterophobia" is only the latest bullshit term created to shift the blame from bigots to those who don't tolerate their intolerance. (See also: "Christophobia.") It comes from a proud tradition of nonsense concepts like misandry and reverse-racism, because this is America, and how dare you bullies speak out against the national pastime of bigotry.

The comments on the article, as you might predict, represent a panoply of ignorance and irony. One commenter writes, "I'm treating my son and 8 of his college buddies to lunch today! We're all big fans of free speech!" Just not in the other direction, of course. Another intones, "Shame on obammy and the hostile environment he has created with his h8tefilled agenda!" Because nothing says hatred like marriage equality.

I wonder how Fox Nation feels about "homosexual militants" planning a kiss-in protest tomorrow. Will their bullying never end?

[Image via Flickr/rockinfree]