The Chief Financial Officer of a Tucson-based "catheter tipping equipment leader" was forced to step down after uploading a YouTube video of himself chastising an employee of Chick-fil-A for working for "a hateful corporation."

Vante CEO Roger Vogel called now-former CFO Adam Smith's rant "disturbing" and "inappropriate."

In the video, Smith can be seeing pulling up to the drive-thru window of a Tucson Chick-fil-A to receive a cup of "free water." He then proceeds to excoriate the employee, telling her "I don't know how you live with yourself and work here."

Before driving away, Smith makes sure to inform the employee that he is a "nice guy" and "totally heterosexual."

After the video went viral yesterday, Vante released a statement saying Smith was "no longer an employee of our company" and his actions "do not reflect our corporate values in any manner."

Vogel, the CEO, told the Arizona Daily Star his company does not have an official stance on marriage equality, " but has always had a 'good relationship' with Chick-fil-A." He also claimed Smith's departure was "mutual."

Smith himself has yet to issue a response.

[H/T: Newser]