Talk about calling in sick: A high school music and art teacher received a severe reprimand after it came to light that he lied about killing a small girl so he could skip work.

"I can give no reasonable explanation for my actions," said Derek McGlone, 42, at a General Teaching Council Scotland hearing this week.

Joyce Kilmartin, head of Calderhead High School in North Lanarkshire, said McGlone had made up several stories to explain absences between June of 2008 and May of 2011.

She recalled McGlone telling her he was stranded due to the Icelandic ash cloud, when, in reality, he was safe at home in Glasgow.

But perhaps the most disturbing fib concerned an accident involving a little girl McGlone claimed he ran over.

"He started off telling a few silly lies," said Kilmartin in a statement. "He then lied about knocking a girl over and killing her – he said he felt his car wheels running over her body."

For his fabrications, McGlone received a reprimand that will remain on the teaching register for a full year.

[H/T: MSN Now, photo via Shutterstock]