Here is the finest hate mail of the past week, rounded up for your enjoyment. In honor of the Olympics, the letters this week are presented in order of creativity. Congratulations to, Gold Medal winner and all-around kind person.


Important Correction: Marijuana Does Not Sometimes Go By "Cheese"

Dear Hamilton Nolan,

In response to your article "Marijuana Has Infiltrated America's High
Schools" from 8/2/2012:

Simply worded, how stupid do you have to be to write an article like
this? Aside from a severe lack of an medical data that says that
marijuana is detrimental to human health, you cannot even get your
terminology correct. "Cheese" has absolutely nothing to do with
marijuana. Articles like yours greatly contribute to the standard
American ignorance oh which so many countries hate Americans for. If
you truly
believe what your article says than you are in serious need of a new
occupation. Your information is slanted, outdated, and simply false.
Have you ever even heard of medicinal marijuana? If you have, please
explain to me why doctors would prescribe a drug that you make out to
be tantamount to death itself. What is needed if the news business is
reporters and authors who actually research the topics the choose to
write about and give the public accurate information. You are a
disgrace to journalism.

Another aggravated reader


Rich Gets a New Nickname

Big Bad Richie,

We're all bigots if we disagree with YOUR version of marriage?

What happened to the party of tolerance? Come on, Dem!

You loons are tolerant of all as long we all toe your beliefs.

Typical Obama loving Buffoon. You and this dem party deserve ea other.

Irvine, CA

Gold (TIE)

OK Then!

I am damn proud of Samuel L. Jackson for showing he is patriotic. I hope he can get some chicks to let him fuck the useless cunts. What is the purpose of the useless cunt? Just to put some semen on it to make it have orgasm. So just go ahead and fuck the useless cunt! Go for it! I am damn proud of it! But do not put your mouth on the useless cunt for that is where pee comes from.

Sarah Palin Sends Us A Lovely E-Card

Hello The Main Cocksucker,

Sarah has send you a postcard!

You can find it at…

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