St. Kitts and Nevis sprinter Kim Collins has been booted from the 100-meter race.

Collins, who won the 100-meter world title in 2003, is being punished for breaking the team's discipline rules by leaving the athletes' village. Collins was reportedly "not ... in camp the last couple of days" because he was in a hotel with his "wife/coach."

Collins first made the announcement via an exclamation point-laden Facebook message.

Hours before my 5th 100m olympic race, i now find out i cant run,all because i was in a hotel with my wife/coach. S.K.N.O.C REALLY? Are you freakig kiddin me!!!!!!!!

He followed that up with a series of tweets.

St. Kitts and Nevis must be strict: Collins is the second member of the seven-athlete team to be disciplined. The team's one female athlete, sprinter Tameka Williams, was sent home for a potential drug violation despite testing negative for banned substances.

[Image via AP]