This isn't the first time we've heard rumblings about swine flu, but the CDC wants us on the alert about a new strain that spreads from pigs to people.

There have been 29 cases this year, mostly children. A large percentage of the most recent cases were linked to Ohio's Butler County Fair, where people were apparently getting all up in sick pigs' business.

Before everyone freaks out, the virus hasn't really been spreading from person to person, and none of the recent cases were severe. But this new strain has a gene from the 2009 pandemic strain of swine flu, so better paranoid than sorry.

Summer fairs will likely bring about more cases of pig flu in humans. The CDC reminds you to wash your hands after petting barn animals, even though that kind of sounds like common sense. Young children are also advised to steer clear, which is a bummer, because who else are petting zoos for?

Thankfully, everyone is taking extra precautions: "The Ohio State Fair sent home two pigs with the flu this week." A pig classmate will be bringing them their homework. (Sorry.)

[Image via Flickr/noahg]