Catfish was a documentary (allegedly) about the deception of an online relationship: it reminded us how easy it is to lie, to present a false version of yourself, and to find a connection with someone who doesn't exist.

It was completely unsettling, and after it was over, we returned to Facebook and moved on with our lives.

Whatever lesson Catfish had to impart was lost on most of us — and some people will face the consequences in a new reality show on MTV.

Yes, Catfish will follow internet couples who have never met. The twist, of course, is that one of the people involved is a total phony, probably operating several Facebook accounts and generally being a creep. What fun to have both sides of these misguided pairings exposed on television.

Catfish filmmaker and subject Yaniv Schulman developed the series with filmmaker Max Joseph. Schulman acknowledged that most of the stories the show documents do not have happy endings — because that's what happens when you create a false persona to date strangers on the internet.

Like the film Catfish (and every other reality show MTV has ever aired), the series will likely face claims of authenticity. It's going to have to be extra sad and weird to keep dubious viewers turning in — but are we really ready for The Real Housewives of Facebook?

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