Nick "The Youngest One, Who Has Diabetes" Jonas appears to be employing the Power of Positive Thinking to transform himself into an American Idol judge.

The singer tweeted on Saturday that he is being considered for a spot on the singing competition recently rebranded, Mariah Carey's Funhouse of Horrors.

It's not clear what rumors Jonas is referencing here — perhaps the ones he started telling his hairstylist and driver a couple minutes ago?

If the announcement is true, it marks a strong departure from standard Idol courtship protocol.

Normally, the process of announcing that a celebrity is joining or leaving American Idol plays out a bit like going out to dinner with friends on your birthday. You know that by the meal's end you will be presented with some sort of dessert dish into which a candle has been inserted, and then serenaded with a hand-clappy, non-copyrighted "Singin' happy happy happy birthday to you / May all your wishes and dreams come true" type of ditty, but that you must still act absolutely shocked when your waiter plus four unknown waiter-friends appears out of nowhere to begin the song and dance.

Compare his tweet to Jennifer Lopez's announcement of her exit from the show. Everyone knew it was happening way back in spring, but she and we still pretended to have no idea what her plans were up until the very second she confirmed she was leaving, in mid-July.

The closest celebrities come to acknowledging they're in the running to become judges is publicly "expressing interest" in joining the show, as Aretha Franklin did a few weeks ago.

If 19-year-old Jonas does, against all reason, earn a spot on American Idol, look forward to some mesmerizingly awkward interactions to take place between him and recently-confirmed new judge Mariah Carey.

For starters, she'll definitely refer to him exclusively as "Nicholas," no matter how many times she is corrected. (Can one ever really "correct" Mariah Carey? Or does one merely make known the way of things in another universe?) Will she acknowledge his role as a judge at all? Or will she just treat him like her assistant?

Is it possible he's merely in the running to become Mariah Carey's on-set assistant, pending verification of his references?

[Twitter // Image via AP]