Pig evisceration company Tyson Foods saw its profits fall by 61% in the most recent quarter. Why? Humans, humbled by the realization of our own role as merely another in a long line of millions of animal species to briefly stand atop the food chain on this crazy spinning rock over which we ultimately have little control, and struck by the unavoidable ethical conviction that it is wrong to increase the suffering of sentient creatures unnecessarily, are turning away from their brutal chicken, pork, and beef-based diets of the past and embracing a new, plant-based diet of a happier, healthier, and more righteous communal future. From the NYT:

Tyson said demand for meat and poultry during the quarter was lower than expected in the United States, adding that the difficult market conditions will result in a lower-than-expected 2012 profit. The rising cost of grain because of drought conditions in some of the country may affect the company's profit into 2013.

It may also have to do with the rising price of meat. I don't think so though.

[NYT. Photo: Flickr]