A Fort McCoy, Florida woman who engaged deputies in a high-speed chase down County Road 318 excused her behavior by saying she was driving topless and needed to get home to surprise her boyfriend.

35-year-old Mandy Ramsey managed to briefly elude the pursuing patrol cars despite clipping an oak tree along the way, but Marion County sheriff's deputies eventually located the Ford F-250 pickup truck she was driving parked near her boyfriend's mobile home.

Ramsey ultimately confessed to being behind the wheel, but tried to talk her way out of trouble by telling the deputies she couldn't stop because she was half-naked and in a hurry to surprise her boyfriend, the vehicle's owner.

Surprisingly, the explanation didn't suffice, and Ramsey was arrested for fleeing and eluding law enforcement. She was booked into Marion County Jail and later released on a $5,000 bond.

[photo via UPI]