Lots of speculation at this point, but here's what we know: Rupert Sanders met with his estranged model wife Liberty Ross earlier today. The building where they met has offices inside, and apparently two of those offices are rented by professional marriage counselors. Yesterday, Ross was seen walking around without her wedding ring, and later that day she was seen standing near an unidentified man who was holding a phone.

Got all that? Because we're moving on.

Over the weekend, Robert Pattinson, aka the Saddest Man in the World, went out partying with some friends, or as people.com puts it, "mates." The Sad Man and his friends went to a club, where they saw a band called The Jenks.

"Pattinson came in with a few friends, like three guys. There was a big party here already and they came in to hang out with the party," a source tells PEOPLE of the group's second outing. "There were two girls that were hanging around him, but not Rob necessarily. He seemed happy, fine."

"Happy, fine." Yeah, right, anonymous source.

This has been your Robsten update for the night.

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