"Does Every Olympic Athlete Get Rich Now?" E! Online asks.

No. Every Olympic athlete does not.

Athletes just don't make very much — less than $3,100 a month for swimmers, according to PMG Sports agent Evan Morgenstein.

Some athletes get by on being charismatic hotties (see you on Dancing With the Stars, Ryan Lochte), while others can record-break their way onto a cereal box.

The bottom line, Morgenstein says, is you gotta get a gimmick.

They're poor unless they hit gold. But even if they do, it's no guarantee of riches and fame, what with 30-plus gold medalists in the U.S. alone. You need a story, looks and an opportunity to break through.

See, it's all about timing. And being naturally gorgeous. Go exploit your innate advantage, every single diver.

E! Online's tongue-in-cheek KickStarter plan seems a bit shortsighted. If these Olympic athletes want a lifetime of financial stability, they should probably commit to becoming a TV personality or marrying into the Kardashian klan.

Once the Olympics are over, how many of these athletes are really household names?

[Image via AP]