A Gawker reader recounts a recent encounter with a rather unusual flight attendant aboard an American Airlines flight from Chicago to Madison, WI:

The flight attendant wanted to have spiritual heart to hearts with passengers as they boarded, and seeing as I was at a bachelor party in Nashville the night before I really didn't need a spiritual cleansing...I needed a change of blood and to sit down. Nonetheless I was told I was 'filled with power and confidence', given a hug and allowed to take my seat.

Unfortunately for our hungover hero, the free-spirit attendant wasn't nearly done. Preparing for takeoff, the self-made guru grabbed hold of the plane's PA system and launched into a daily affirmation that would have Mister Rogers himself reaching for an insulin shot.

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UPDATE: It seems the lovey-dovey flight attendant is not an American Airlines employee per se, but rather an attendant for Chautauqua Airlines — a regional air carrier that operates hundreds of daily flights on behalf of the country's larger airlines, including American Airlines.

[photo via AP]